Currently seeking to provide music for film, television, documentaries, and online multimedia. Please contact me if you would like to discuss using my music in your project!

Electronic musical influences:
The Orb, Paul Van Dyke, Orbital, Children of the Bong, Banco de Gaia

Other musical influences:
Rush, Yes, Saga, Dream Theatre, Asia

Current project:
Primitive Forms of Communication

Past projects:
HPS Project, Dave Crouch Project

Short bio:
I started writing music about 13 years ago with a DX100. My first song was a song called Terra Nova. I don't even remember the song, just the really cool song name. I will of course probably reuse the title. I slowly aquired gear over that time ranging from Ensoniq equipment to Korgs. The style I wrote was mostly Progressive Rock with strong influences from Rush and Yes. Then I got married in 1997.

I sold all of my equipment to pay for the honeymoon. So for about 3 years, I wasn't doing anything with music (it's funny now that I think about it, my wife said she fell in love with me because of my music...heh)

I got back into playing again when I started playing on the worship team at my church which rekindled my interest in writing again. I attempted to write but it was dry and did not go anywhere. I needed something different.

When I was younger, I listened to a tape my dad bought called Autobahn by a group called Kraftwerk. I was hooked! I was amazed at what they did with electronics! Needless to say, I wore the tape out. About 3 years ago, I bought Autobahn on CD and relived my younger days of sitting under the stars listening to that tape. It got me thinking of what I could do with electronic music.

So I researched to see what was available. I bought a Quasimidi Sirius which was an awesome board! However, I still felt uninspired. I sold the Quasimidi. At the time, I was also playing around with some software that allowed me to create music. This included Fruity Loops. It was alright, but the interface to me was a little hard to get used to (I have worked with hardware synths/mixers/etc all my life). I stumbled across a program called Reason. This piece of software changed the way I started to write music. It was limitless and it was an interface that I understood!

So here I am today, trying my hand at electronic music. My favorite styles are Trance and Ambient. My dream would be to provide music for film, television, or documentary work.


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