the perfect machine (mp3)
Engineering and Art.

creation 1 (mp3)
Slow moving groove with surrounding textured pads. This song captures the feeling I have when looking into the heavens.

arcturus (mp3)
Song about a pretty neat star. Arcturus is part of the Arcturus group that is travelling in and out of the plane of the galaxy. Song about those who like to wander

observatory (mp3)
I love astronomy and I help out at a place called Perkins Observatory. This place has so much character and history. I have spent many nights under the stars on the front lawn, also called "The O"

trapezium (mp3)
Trapezium reminds me of cold winter nights, clear skies, and the Orion Nebula.

pi (mp3)
Matt was a coworker of mine and he made a melody out of Pi: 3.141592653589793. I added some music around it and this is what we came up with. I think of circles when I listen to this song... (heh)

stellar companion (mp3)
Most stars have companion stars. Some we see, others are ghostly shadows.

ticker (mp3)
Did you know that music comes from space? A real life pulsar keeps this composition moving. Swirling rhythms that bounce to the rhythm of a dying star. The pulse you here is from a pulsar. I changed the tempo of the pulsar a bit to fit the song.

distant signal (mp3)
This song almost wrote itself. I was so into the song that it seemed to flow into itself. The whole time I was thinking space exploration and the drama and intensity that comes along with it. Dedicated to the men and women of space programs around the world.

infant (mp3)
Attempts to capture the innocense of new life.

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